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    "Magical sleep would be ideal really. I'll start by pushing their body heat away, hopefully leaving them in shock or much weakened, and you can follow up with sleep. Anyone left standing will be easy for you two to knock unconscious. We can pick up some gags, rope and pitch to make it sticky on the way there so we can tie them all up. Aquarius should be able to do a little healing if one is accidentally on death's door.

    Now we just need to pick a good location which matches all of:
    - near the Savant's Repose
    - rough neighborhood
    - low traffic, especially the watch
    - we can load them on a cart and drag them to an interview location"

    And that last is directed at A'lan. Pick us a spot from Fade and my combined knowledge, perhaps roll Knowledge local (mine is +5) and that's how ideal our spot turns out to be (we won't know ahead of time so a secret roll is perfect).

    Also buying a cart and donkey would be 23gp, how much to rent one for a day? (to help a friend move, bluff the uncaring cart lender for me as needed).
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