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Thread: A New Base Class: The Cardcaptor

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    I'm currently Working on a Spell List for this class, and have made the Alpha List. I plan to cut out many of them, but before I do, I thought I should ask you what you think. Please note that some of the spells on the list are just there to help me remember the abilities of some of the cards, so if you see a spell that looks like it's just a restatement of a Card's Effect, don't worry about it.

    Anyways, here's the Alpha List.
    0-lvl: Prestidigitation; Read Magic; Dancing Lights; Daze; Flare; Ghost Sound; Know Direction: Light; Lullaby; Mage Hand; Mending; Open/Close; Resistance; Acid Splash; Detect Poison; Daze; Ray of Frost; Disrupt Undead; Touch of Fatigue; Message; Arcane Mark; Minor Disguise; Stick; Caltrops; Electric Jolt; Sonic Snap; Silent Portal; Launch Bolt; Launch Item; Repair Minor Damage;
    1st-lvl: Focusing Chant; Enlarge Person; Nerveskitter; Ray of Clumsiness; Expeditious Retreat; Reduce Person; Feather Fall; Guided Shot; Sniper's Shot; True Casting; True Shot; Karmic Aura; Ray of Enfeeblement; Silent Image; Color Spray; Lesser Orb of Fire/Cold/Acid/Electricity;
    2nd-lvl: Bear's Endurence; Bull's Strength; Cat's Grace; Eagle's Splendir; Fox's Cunning; Owl's Wisdom; Quick Potion; Jaws of Moray; Levitate; Rope Trick; Heroics; Knock; Heart of Air; Balancing Lorecall; Chain of Eyes; Detect Thoughts; Spymaster's Coin; Know Vulnerabilities; Arcane Turmoil; Seeking Ray; Bigsby's Warding Hand; Frost Breath; Gust of Wind; Ray of Ice; Slapping Hand; Scorching Ray; Force Ladder; False Life; Ray of Weakness; Stolen Breath; Ray of Stupidity; Invisibility; Blinding Color Surge; Mirror Image;
    3rd-lvl: Magic Circle against Evil/Good/Chaos/Law; Alter Fortune; Primal Senses; Mage's Armor, Greater; Haste; Slow; Fly; Celestial Aspect; Shrink Item; Heart of Water; Battlemagic Perception; Unluck; Scrying; Listening Coin; Anticipate Teleportation; Karmic Backlash; Disobedience; Great Thunderclap; Manyjaws; Blacklight; Ray of the Python; Prismatic Mist; Ray of Exhaustion; Curse of Impeding Blades, Mass; Halt Undead; Ray of Dizziness; Phantasmal Strangler; Vertigo Field; Invisibility Sphere;
    4th-lvl: Celerity; Assay Spell Resistance; Wings of Flurry; Vortex of Teeth; Evard's Black Tentacles; Orb of Fire/Acid/Cold/Electricity/Force; Displacer Form; Heart of Earth; Perfect Summons; Voice of the Dragon; Spell Enhancer; Arcane Eye; Identify Transgressor?; Legend Lore; Dimensional Anchor; Wall of Evil/Good/Chaos/Law; Ice Storm; Crushing Grip; Otiluke's Resilient Sphere; Defenestrating Sphere; Enervattion; Fear; Burning Blood; Greater Mirror Image; Shadow Conjuration; Shadow Well; Greater Invisibility;
    5th-lvl: Arcane Fusion; Undying Vigor of the Dragonlords; Draconic Polymorph; Telekinesis; Lord of the Sky; Greater Enlerge Person; Lightning Leap; Heart of Fire; Airy Water; Zone of Peace; Draconic Flight; Prying Eyes; Scry Location; Refusal; Spell Theft; Wall of Force; Channelled Sonic Blast; Sending; Spiritwall; Magic Jar; Channelled Lifetheft; Opalescent Glare; Contagion, Mass; Fleshshiver; Ray of Entropy; Shadow Evocation; Friend or Foe; Persistant Image; Permanent Image; Shadow Walk;
    6th-lvl: Contingency; True Sight; Mental Pinnacle; Brilliant Blade; Scalding Mud; Eye of Stone; Eyes of the Oracle; Hindsight; Greater Scrying; Resistance, Superior; Antimagic Field; Dispel Magic, Greater; Anticipate Teleportation, Greater; Howling Chain; Greater Heroism; Freezing Glance;

    0-lvl: Cure Minor Wounds; Dancing Lights; Detect Poison; Guidance; Inflict Minor Wounds; Light; Mending; Purify Food and Drink; Resistance; Virtue; Flare; Know Direction; Read Magic; Amanuensis; Dawn; Naturewatch;
    1st-lvl: Sanctuary; Shillelagh; Calm Animals; Lay of the Land; Wieldskill;
    2nd-lvl: Bear's Endurence; Bull's Strength; Cat's Grace; Eagle's Splendor; Owl's Wisdom; Ghost Touch Armor; Heart of Air; Divine Insight; Find Traps; Guidance of the Avatar; Hunter's Eye; Listening Lorecall; Share Husk; Wild Instinct;
    3rd-lvl: Magic Circle against Evil/Good/Chaos/Law; Magic Vestment; Clutch of Orcus; Know Vulnerabilities; Sonorus Hum; Venomfire; Primal Senses; Icelance; Commune with Lesser Spirit; Know Opponent;
    4th-lvl: Assay Spell Resistance; Divine Power; Panacea; Mass Shield of Faith; Sheltered Vitality; Flame Strike; Vortex of Teeth; Heart of Earth; Blast of Sand; Boreal Winds; Primal Speed; Break Enchantment; Wall of Thorns; Telepathic Aura; Greater Status
    5th-lvl: Surge of Fortune; Rightous Might; True Seeing; Rightous Wrath of the Faithful; Triadspell; Heart of Fire; Owl's Insight; Heal; Find the Path; Commune;
    6th-lvl: Word of Recall; Superior Resistance; Stone Body; Spiritual Guardian; Enveloping Cocoon; Spellstaff; Tortise Shell; Stone Tell;

    So, what do you think?

    P.S. Why only to level 6? Because I'm thinking of changing casting to Bard-like, rather than Sorcerer-like. Do you agree?
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