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    Default Re: Light, Shadow, and Legend: A Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke

    Okay, we're moving right along! Suggestions are still open for names and who to bring to fight May.

    Gitp/Real Life: 2

    Chapter 11: Letters and In-Jokes

    Okay, William, sorry to do this to you, but you’re off the main team. Welcome aboard, Marvin.

    Oh, man, finally!

    How like an organic life-form of you. Here I am, brain the size of a planet, and you want me to fight wild animals.

    Pretty much. Gotta grind you up to match the rest of the team first, though.

    Uhhh, no.

    Did you not hear me?

    I said no.


    Well, there’s a website I like to hang around on. It’s called Giant in the

    Sure you did.

    You, like, sound like so much like a girl like there.

    You’re nuts. I fled the scene.

    Nice work!

    Ow, my diodes.


    Good work, keep it up!

    Alright, got yourself some firepower now!

    What a depressingly stupid creature you are.

    That’s gotta hurt.

    You think pain is only physical.

    Nice work!

    Thank you, sir!


    Halfway there!


    Really nice!

    Nice work, Azgard!

    We’re gonna need this if we want to go further in.

    Almost there!

    Alright, you’re done!

    Joy. My life has been so improved by the sensless beating of helpless creatures.

    Wow, that’s dark.

    I wrote a song once. You don’t want to hear it.

    Regardless, he launched on into a monotonal drone.

    Now the world has gone to bed
    Darkness won’t engulf my head
    I can see by infrared
    How I hate the night

    That’s… wonderful…

    Now I lay me down to sleep
    Try to count electric sheep
    Sweet dream wishes you can keep
    How I hate the night

    You must have a terrific outlook on life.

    Life. Don’t talk to me about life.

    Ookayy, anyway, Mr. Spore, Flash.

    Mr. Spore started glowing, and the cavern began to light up.


    Huh, wonder what that is…

    There was a name chiseled the stone, Sarah, with a birthdate, a deathdate twenty-nine years later, and a poem.

    The years may come, the years may go
    And though I travel high and low
    My eyes shall never see again
    A face as they had beheld then

    Before the night that stole you away
    I got down on my knees to pray
    That we would stand together when
    Inside the Great Hall we would tread

    Since you were taken from the then
    My heart has ever felt like lead
    A second chance is all I ask
    To see your smiling face and ask

    To ask if you would marry me
    And we would spend eternity
    Delighting in each other’s company
    Beyond this world’s reality

    But you are gone and I am left
    Arceus’ judge has come and went
    Stealing you out of my arms
    But leaving you inside my heart

    But one day we shall reunite
    Our love shall always hold us tight
    Till that fateful day shall come
    And I shall again see my love

    The years shall ever grow more long
    ‘Till I can sing to you the song
    That I would cry out day or night
    Of how you made my heart so light

    I leave now to continue life
    For your sake as for mine
    And one day we shall meet again
    But slowly creeps the time

    Farewell my love, I wish you well
    As you live beyond the stars
    But when I have gone out from this world
    In my arms you I shall hold.

    Farewell, my love. We shall see each other again.


    ‘At’s so moovin’

    This world is a harsh one, full of troubles. But also, there is joy here, if one can find it

    Joy... Kill...

    Shut up!

    My people have written many songs and poems of love and loss. And yet, never has one moved me as this.

    Are you guys really gonna sit there and sob about that all day?

    Azgard, really?

    Yeah, it’s sad, but we should really get moving.

    Okay, that should be back up to the entrance.

    Alright, I can see again!

    Uh, hello?

    Uh, yes, it is.


    I’m Michael, and I’ve got a letter for you.

    Yeah, here you go.

    Lidda started sniffing around Steven’s foot. Lidda, no!

    It’s okay. Besides, once Linoone smell something, they never give up until they find it. He took a nugget out of his pocket and tossed it to Lidda


    Wow, you’ve gotta be rich to toss away a nugget like that.

    Money means little to me. I live life for its true pleasures, rather than material gain. But anyway,

    Wow, that sounds awesome. If only you had wings, Marvin.

    If only I had wings. Then I could fly into the sun.

    Well, we’ve been though quite a bit together.

    Alright, see you around.

    Farewell, my Illven.

    Your what?

    In my land, an Illven is one who is your superior, but not your direct commander.


    Steven smirked. An interesting title, to be sure. I will have to use it some time. But as I said, I must be going. Please excuse me.

    Okay, bye. And Steven walked out. I turned to the beige lump of fur frolicing on the floor Lidda...


    Characters who speak in this chapter:
    Mr. Spore and... spores...
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