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I don't see any that I'd cut. I notice there is many more arcane spells than there are divine spells. I understand that a lot of these are actually card effects or otherwise be cut, in the final product I'd try to keep the Arcane:Divine ratio as close to 1:1 as you possibly can, given the fluff about how intertwined they are in the entire class.
Agreed. That's something I've been aiming for from the beginning. I'm also working on a Character Flaw called Fear of Ghosts, which the stat block for Sakura will most certainly have.

Also, what do you think about adding an ability that enables the spell Shillelagh to apply to their Sealing Wand (I just updated again to include what type of equipment each Sealing Wand is; the Bird and Star versions both count as clubs, while the Guardian, being 3 meters long, counts as a quarterstaff)?