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To put line breaks in a table, use the code [br]. I would however note that there is an error with the code for the forums which causes it to change to <br> any time the post is edited or previewed before posting, requiring that they be changed back each time (as the <br> does not convert to a line break).

Anyway, I like the look of the class in general so far. I would however be interested in seeing a version that is less made to follow the events of the manga/show instead just being a character that draws on the power of the Clow Cards like a member of this class (though such a version can wait till the current one is completed along with the cards).

Thank you so much! This will enable me to rapidly increase the rate at which this is made.

Do you have any objections to the spell list in its Alpha form, and what do you think the highest spell level should be?

Please note that this class is supposed to be Tier 1.