Skrib: You sense that the one called Enya is nervous and anxious, and that your question makes him even more so. The man called Hatta, however, does not seem to have any hidden agenda or stifled emotion; he seems to be genuinely pleased and very happy.

Jessica: You have never heard of such a person. You haven't the first idea of what he is talking about.

The white rabbit checks a small hourglass that hangs from his neck, and then looks off into the distance. When your eyes follow his, you see a large tower rising above the hedges, some ways off. Atop this large tower, you see another hourglass and are quite surprised that you have no trouble seeing that it has nearly finished its course. The rabbit sighs, despite this, and takes a seat at the long table, opposite Timble.

The human beams and replies to you each.

"How do you do?"

He then takes his seat once more and looks expectantly at those who have not sat yet before addressing the questions put to him. As he answers the questions, the white rabbit reaches across the table and opens the cover on a large, but flat dish near Timble. From beneath the lid comes a multi-layered cake, much taller than the cover should have contained; and with the sight of such a thing, the smell of warm honey wafts its way to the hobbit's nose.

"You mean to tell me that you have never heard of the Red Queen?! Most unusual... most unusual indeed! But on to finer points. This place, my dear Lady Jessica, is my home - Haigha House. Although, it does seem to be in some manner of disrepair. Hmm..."

He looks saddened, for just a moment. And then you see another shift in his posture... once again signaling a change in his demeanor and tone. When he looks up, he seems very frightened.

"Run! All of you. Run for you lives and don't look back!"

Now he looks up to the Clock Tower and lets out a pitiful whining moan. He then shoots his gaze in the direction of the white rabbit.

"He'll be here soon! Enya... you must take them from here. Lead them through the maze and away from here before it's too late!"

The rabbit, who has not changed his mood at all, takes a large drink from his tankard. Though still nervous, he doesn't seem worried by this sudden outburst.

"We will be leaving soon enough, Hatta. Believe you me, I do not plan on being here when he arrives."