Feeling the satisfying thunk travel up his arm from the bandit leader's gaping wound, Thorus lets loose a feral cry of victory. He scans the surrounding area, taking in what his allies are doing. Deciding the bandit leader is wounded enough, possibly slain, he spurs his horse to bring him closer to the third mounted bandit, and swings his morningstar in a downward stroke.

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Thorus and his horse move adjacent to the third mounted bandit, the only one who has not been engaged in combat yet. Thorus then attacks it.

Attack: (1d20+2)[21]
Damage: (1d8+2)[5]

Additionally, as a Swift action (not a free action; I was mistaken), Thorus changes his active aura to Vigor: Allies within 30 feet gain fast healing 1, but only when below half of their maximum health.