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    The air, cold and biting, blows through the camp. With it comes strange sounds... sounds like the mewling of cats down a long, vacant hall...

    Suddenly, the sound of hoofbeats can be heard, charging hard on the sand. Everyone is instantly awake as Teven meets the rider, who you realize is Aulex, one of the night guards responsible for keeping a perimeter around the camp.

    "Teven, riders approach. At least a dozen on horses. They look to be Tel'Amrin Suul Aliman!".
    With that, Aulex leaps from his horse to the ground at Teven's feet.

    No knowledge check~
    Tel'Amrin Suul Aliman are the lords of Huul Ale'ereo. Their warlord/king, Ankinh˘r Kahzeel, a hobgoblin reported to rule the desert with an iron fist, laying waste to to travelers who enter his domain.
    Kn:History or Kn:Local check if you want more information.

    "If we are in their lands, we have gone too far west and north, Teven. What do we do?!?" Aulex asks, almost hysterical.

    A murmer goes through the assembled guards.
    There are a total of 15 members of your party, including the three of you, but most have only fought against bandits and the occasional wild animal but never against an almost equal amount of trained soldiers.
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