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    Thorus charged forward, spurring his horse towards the likely leader of the bandits. The man barely had time to turn his head before Indrys' spell hit him, forcing his eyelids to drop of their own accord. Moments later, Thorus smashed him from his saddle, sending his horse fleeing. Alec and Glaffin had chosen a different target, singling out one of the solitary bandits closer by. The two bore down on him, their mounts' hooves churning up the ground. Alec's blow was mis-timed by a hair, his sword whistling through the empty space above the bandit's head: he had ducked, but the movement took him right into the path of Glaffin's morningstar. The force of the impact sent him sprawling, blood staining the grass on the hill.

    Behind them all, Cecily had pulled up her horse next to Indrys, her voice ringing across the battlefield. The caravan was still moving slowly, the guards having only just revealed themselves. They gathered their crossbows hurriedly, loading the heavy weapons as quickly as they could. It wouldn't be fast enough for an immediate volley, but their appearance combined with the death of the leader had given those who remained pause. They were splitting their attention between two groups, barbed arrows like the one Dayne had retrieved beginning to fly through the air as they reacted to the unexpected charge from behind. Glaffin had to bit back a curse as one found a crack in his armour, burying itself in his leg. It would be Tharius' own job to get that back out, but the immediate concern was Alec. Both the arrows aimed at him struck home, black-feathered shafts piercing his armour and kncoking him off his horse. He hit the ground insensate and rolled downhill, finishing face up with his eyes closed.

    One of the bandits was clearly a spellcaster of some sort, arcane words spilling from his lips as he ran for the protection of the far group. He had clearly been expecting to hang back and provide backup, but Thorus' sudden appearance and subsequent attack had forced him much closer to the wagons. His spell worked despite the armour he was wearing, the ground underneath the horses pulling the lead wagon growing suddenly slick. The animals struggled to keep their footing on the unexpectedly slippery surface, neighing in fear and surprise; the one on the left fell, screaming, as a bolt from one bandit pierced its neck. Willam fought to control the one that remained standing, pulling hard on the reins. It was all he could do to get the wagon stopped before it rolled over the fallen horse, tangled as it was in its harness. That was the worst of the damage, though. Fear or surprise had made the bandits sloppy, many of their arrows failing to find a mark. One sailed past Dayne as the guard wheeled his horse around behind the protective bulk of the lead wagon, sending an arrow of his own back in reply. It thudded into the dirt inches from its target, eliciting a cry of alarm. An echoing cry came from behind them, as Thorus' morningstar sent another bandit to an early grave. The dragon shaman turned to look for the last enemy horseman, only to find the man's weapon descending towards him. Smashing the blow aside with his shield, he turned to face this latest threat.
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