"There's no way we can outrun them. Maybe we can barter with them? That can't think we did it on purpose?!?" Teven says, pulling his hat off and wiping his sweating head, even with the cold wind whipping about.

"The rocks! If we put our backs to the rocks and circle the wagons in front of us, they can't charge us down with their horses! It will give us a chance to use the archers! We might get lucky and take them out before they can get away and find reinforcements. "

Before any of you can do any different, he yells out "Jons! Vince! Terrance! Get those wagons moving! Make a half circle in front of those rocks right there!" He says he the bird-faced man points to an area where the rocks circle into themselves. "Quick before I tie you to the wagons and make you pull them yourselves!"
He then rushes off, yelling to anyone with any kind of bow to ready themselves.

I'll try to have a map up in the morning to give you guys a better idea of the layout.