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    You can make out 13 riders in the distance. Blue rectangles in the upper left corner. They have stopped and it looks like two are conversing.
    Guards in white are on the (black) wagons with either crossbows or longbows out.
    Guards in blue have longspears out, set vs charge.
    Guards in green have longswords drawn.
    Teven has a light crossbow out and has put has rapier belt on.
    Miaspar is on the tallest of the rock fingers, about 25 feet above the ground.
    Karven and Oloek are both on the ground behind the cover of the wagons, each about 10 feet away from Teven.

    Teven looks at Oloek, thinking on his words.
    "Well, they aren't hostile... yet. If they come charging in, then we give'em all we got, boys. Maispar and Rendal, can you make out what they are doing?"

    Before either the Raptoran or Catfolk can answer, the horsemen suddenly spur forwards, half look to have horsemen shortbows and the other half look to be drawing scimitars.


    Initiatives, please.

    Edit: Aw, crap. Still working on the map sizes on the internet.
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