Both of them visibly jump as you do so, as well as a couple of your party members more than likely. The rabbit wrinkles his nose up in Alessia's direction before turning towards the rest of the group.

"What a rude person!"

Hatta grasps the edge of the table with both hands as the color rises in his face. You see the veins pop out on either side of his neck and his eyes bulge even further. He seems as though he might shift again, and Enya becomes very worried by this. The rabbit actually stands and makes his way towards the entrance to the hedge maze. Just before he enters, however, the human closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, replying:

"It's alright, Enya. He's still in check... for now."

The human glares in Alessia's direction. When he speaks, he does so through gritted teeth. Though he trembles from the sudden scare of the outburst, he speaks with conviction and purpose.

"If you would kindly remove your weapon from my table and sit down, madam. I am not sure how things are conducted wherever it is that you are from but in certain circles here in Dowrenland, such manners would result in a loss of your head."

After a moment, he regains more of his composure and continues.

"Now. If you would be so kind as to further explain yourself, seeing as it is you who is trespassing upon my home. Then I would gladly answer any questions you might have... when they are asked in a suitable tone."

You see his eyes drift off towards the Clock Tower once again, and then to Enya.

"In a timely manner, of course."