Alessia glowers from behind her visor for a while - good job her face is covered, really - before sitting down next to Timble. She picks up her morningstar, then sets it in her lap. And, once again, her armour seems to peel itself from her body and vanish into the aether.

"...My apologies. My emotions sometimes get the better of me," she says, calmly - any trace of anger seems to have vanished away just like her armour. "...Allow me to properly introduce myself. I am Alessia du Chumleigh, daughter of High Priest Alastor of the City of Chumleigh. My father serves Pelor, as out priestly friend here does."

Alessia pauses for a few moments before continuing. "We honestly have no idea why we came to this place. We would appreciate an explanation, although I fear my actions may have... soured things, somewhat. My apologies, again."

And now, Diplomacy! if one social skill doesn't work...

Just trying to smooth things over, really, rather than get information from them. (1d20+7)[25]