Hatta casts another look at the white rabbit when Jessica mentions the pale halfling. The rabbit starts to speak.

"Strange?! I don't see how..."

Cutting him off, Hatta addresses you.

"How do you do, Alessia du Chumleigh, daughter of High Priest Alastor of the City of Chumleigh?"

The human gives a curt nod before continuing.

"I do not know of this place, Chumleigh, where you are all from... but you are now in Dowrenland. I assume that you came by way of mirror. I am sure that there is much that you do not understand about this place, but explaining it all would take a lifetime... which we do not have... so I will be brief with current events, after which you may ask specific questions."

"Dowrenland is at war. The Red Queen in the East has allied herself with the Obsidian King in the West and his Witch Queen. In her paranoia, she has taken certain events as imaginary slights against her Kingdom of Hearts and has decided that those 'responsible' must pay, and dearly I'm afraid."

Hatta seems to hit upon a memory, and it upsets him visibly. He shifts once more and when he 'comes to', he begins excitedly helping himself to the honey cake and ale.

"Oh quite delicious, quite delicious! I do so hope that everyone is having a good time!"

The white rabbit sighs audibly and then speaks.

"Forgive my cousin. He was attacked by mind flayer some time ago and, though he survived, he hasn't been quite right ever since, I am afraid. To continue... Ozrok Bindor, the Emperor of the Emerald City, was assassinated several months ago by agents of the Obsidian Queen. I am a messenger to Her Majesty, Queen Mirana Callevasia, Ruler of the Ivory Port and the Kingdom of Clubs."

The human chimes in at this.

"Oh yes, quite lovely the White Queen is."

Enya continues, "Then, just last month Glinda, the Witch of the South who serves my Lady Callevasia, was murdered by the Obsidian Queen herself."

Hatta adds, "Indeed. And they were sisters, wouldn't you know. Quite wicked that one."

The rabbit presses forward, "And so now, my kingdom is allying itself to the Wizard of the North, who has taken over in his emperor's stead. And there will be war..."