Hatta addresses Timble's question.

"What an absurd thing to say!"

"What I think he means, Sir Timble, is that no one ever deems themselves the 'bad guy', as you put it. If you find yourself behind a cause that you think to be in the wrong... you certainly wouldn't go to war over it, would you?" The white rabbit interjects. The human then listens to Skrib's remarks and comments.

"Indeed. Politics." He rolls his eyes and clucks his tongue at the notion.

Enya tries to clarify, moving objects on the table to represent what he is talking about.

"Here. In the East, you have the Kingdom of Hearts... ruled by the Red Queen in her husband's place, as he fell into a 'mysterious sleep' many years ago. She lives in the Crimson Castle and her name is Irangwideth Didros, though she is referred to as “Queen Deth” by her subjects... behind her back, mind you."

"In the West, you have the Kingdom of Spades... ruled by the Obsidian King and Queen, who just so happens to dabble in the magics of undeath. They live in the Black Keep and are called Xunorel and Elphaba Pryt, respectively."

"Nasty and unnatural business in the Kingdom of Spades." adds Hatta solemnly. The white rabbit nods and then goes on.

"Now in the North, you have the Kingdom of Diamonds... once ruled by the Green Emperor, Ozrok Bindor, now dead. So his Wizard, Locast, has taken up the reins of power according to the laws of the Emerald City."

"And finally in the South, you have the Kingdom Clubs... ruled by the White Queen and King. They, as well as I, live in the Ivory Port. My Lady's name is Mirana Callevasia and my Lord is called Beotur Callevasia."

When he has finished, he looks at you all very matter-of-factually.