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    Caladeran glanced at the map everyone was working on and snorted. "A butcher just doors down from this Repose. How ironic." Listening to the others, he frowned at Selena's statement and turned to Aquarius. "Is that what happened? I thought she simply left in a huff? Either way, a warning might be just the thing. Her reaction could tell us volumes about her involvement. However, if we suspect this is her safe haven, you must convince her that the Savant's Repose is compromised. That, or you convince her to meet you somewhere else on an unrelated matter.

    Unfortunately, if we capture her nearby, we loose the opportunity to see where she would run to when she is in trouble ... valuable information, as well."

    Considering the situation, Cal looked at Selena. "If we could trick this woman into carrying your crystal, would you be able to track her down?"

    To Aquarius, he asks, "You feel certain this is the same woman? I only ask because you yourself use an alias ... what if the Maria we seek is not the same as the Maria you met? Also, it seems odd that Phaedrus' employer did not know who Maria was ... which might be indicative of an alias. That of course begs the question, who is this Maria really? And does she work for the scuvs, the Guild, both, or neither?"

    OOC - my head hurts. But on the topic of Maria, I'm hoping the description Ben gave matches the person Aquarius saw. Also, I don't recall Maria saying don't contact her anymore ... we just weren't sure if she would show up at noon the following day.
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