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    A boy with silver hair sat alone in an empty room, staring around idly. It was not the room he had thought he would end up, no, it was in a barren warehouse, rooms emptied of life and of death.

    The warehouse was cold, and a simple wind chilled him to the bone as he leaned against a box, and his lips twitched slightly as he closed his eyes.

    That girl was... different. She hadn't cared that he was sort of dead, nor that he wasn't really all there.

    Ah well. Such is life, right?


    The girl slowly opened her eyes, which widened with fear at the man in front of her. She shrank deeper into the hospital bed, covering her head with the blanket and turning away, as if by the mere act of pretending he wasn't there he would go away.

    "Go 'way. Don' wanna hear a story from you."
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