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Thread: Number of Character Appearances IV

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    Updated through 856
    Draketooth by Entrance, Draketooth Genealogy (on Genealogical Chart), Draketooth Progenitor Dragon (on Genealogical Chart), Draketooth with Belt (as Mummy), Draketooth with Bodice (as Mummy), Draketooth with Braided Hair (as Mummy), Draketooth with Goatee (as Mummy), Draketooth with Ponytail (as Mummy), Draketooth with Purple Shirt (as Mummy), Girard Draketooth (on Genealogical Chart), Kilkil, Nale, Malack, Qarr, Sabine, Tarquin, Zz'dtri

    Okay, I've decided not to try to parse out the various family members on the genealogical chart. Instead I'm just giving "Draketooth Genealogy" an appearance everytime the chart appears. The only exceptions, for now, are Girard and the Draketooth Progenitor Dragon. If we learn, for example, which pictograph represents Orrin, we'll amend the list accordingly.

    I think that's Draketooth Comedian on the ground. He isn't a mummy.

    The six Draketooth Mummies are, from left to right: Draketooth with Ponytail, Draketooth with Goatee, Draketooth with Braided Hair, Draketooth with Belt, Draketooth with Bodice, and Draketooth with Purple Shirt.
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    Here is a numbering of all character appearances in OOTS