Whether Mami replies to Tobio or not he doesn't ignore Mei's plight as he looks at the rest of the Judgement members and gathers up his courage. "A-Ano, would you all p-please stop s-staring at M-Mei-san? It is r-rather rude and a-as you c-can s-see it is m-making her rather uncomfortable. A-After all you s-shouldn't do unto o-others that y-you wouldn't done u-unto yourself. I-Its just common c-courtesy."

After addressing them Tobio puts a comforting hand on her shoulder and says in a much softer voice so that thier words can't be overheard by the nosy bystanders, "Don't worry Mei-san. It's okay that you can speak your mind like that. However you should probably work on your temper. Not that I would ever judge you for it, but you might unnerve other people."