"Crystaleena and I can get a rough sense of each other's location and talk from almost the opposite sides of the city. Without her legs out, she just looks like an odd magic crystal, and she is very, very rare, so that may work. The hard part would be getting a stranger to keep her, and keeping her from talking."

"We've got 3 competing plans right now:
- attract her to an ambush alley
- talk her into coming with us
- spook her and track where she runs"

"I'm very worried that her time is limited and someone may silence her before we find if she silenced Ben, so we need to find a way to make these plans work together instead of competing."

"I'll run up the roof of the inn and watch the roads, while Cal hangs back with the cart and watches for me to point a direction or wave franticly for into the inn. Aquarius goes in and makes a pitch to her, and tries to give her Crystaleena under some pretext and we go from there?"


Sorry, my spoiler above is intended to be OOC, I don't know how much Aquarius shared about his meeting with her IC, so Selena just cautions about her bolting.