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    Hatta listens to Timble. "Adventure, how exciting!"

    "As for why the kingdoms have symbols and where they came from... I do not know. Though the bit you brought up about spades does make a good deal of sense," responded Enya.

    The white rabbit looks at Alessia and blinks twice, before replying.

    "Why, through a mirror, of course."

    The human replies to this with, "However... knowing your way home is always a good idea. I once had two friends that left bread crumbs behind them to guide them back home when they were lost in the woods."

    "Oh, how clever," came Enya's comment, "did it work?"

    "No, now that you mention it... the kalidahs ate them."

    "Breadcrumbs? How strange. I've never known a kalidah to eat bread."

    "No... we found the breadcrumbs."

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