"If I have to spoon-feed you every question...what did you see when you first arrived on the scene? How many attackers where they? Did you recognize any of them? What did they do? How did they do it? What did you do then? How many escaped? Did they take anyone? Did they leave anyone? Those are the important questions." Mami says impatiently, glancing down at her watch, "I thought you were a member of Judgment? Shouldn't you know what sort of information could or might be useful?"

As business-like as she is, Tobio and Mei's reactions are still quite...well...surprising. Clueless green eyes peer at Tobio as the boy begins to stammer. Still, he brought up a good point and he was at least being more helpful then the one she had actually come to question.

"You're right, and I plan to, but she's with her son right now and is looking after him. If I tried to pull her away right now for questioning, she'd clam up and I wouldn't get a thing. So I'm giving her time by questioning others who are less distressed." She explains patiently, before a wry smile comes to her face, "...Of course not, my mistake. Friends? Siblings?...You aren't already married, are you? Aren't you a bit young for something like that?"

Yes, she's totally just screwing with Mei right now.