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Thread: High School RPG: A Maid RPG Variant.

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    Crap, it's been so long I forgot my character's name.... uh....

    A girl walks through the slowly more occupied corridors of the school. A very odd girl. Her vermillion hair is oddly perhaps teh last thing you would notice, as she quit esuspiciously wears a scarf that wraps all around her head - as in, ALL around her head, showing only her dark eyes and some of her hair. Following suit, she wears thick gloves and kneesocks, and a shirt that reaches her ankles in what one can only assume is some sort of uniform violation. In short, every inch of her shin was covered, and you wouldn't even know it was pale, her suspiciosu appearance earning her a few titters from passing early students.

    Okay, newly enrolled in this earthling school. You can do this, you were trained every day to infiltrate. Despite such training, she doesn't seem to mind speaking out loud; the silent voice of reason calls out from the multiverse that she may just be what teh Paranormal Activity club needed. They said she was here... She swings the door open, entering and bowing deeply, not even looking at the club contents at first - it could be a janitor's closet for all she knew with the lack of peripheral vision her scarf-headgear-thing left her with. Excuse me, I would like to join this club.
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