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    Quote Originally Posted by Vesth View Post
    "Then what do you care for my lady? What story do you have to share that influences you so, such that the the affairs of others become naught but a nuisance?"

    The violinist asks, the bow hardly slowing, though the music took on a more sombre note, the lulls and pulls longer to accomodate its master's current state of mind.

    "Who says I have any story to share? Rather arrogant, is it not, to assume that my tale is for your ears?"
    , she says, sounding a bit amused. "But since you seem to enjoy music, perhaps I could interest you in a competition?

    ((Assuming he agrees:))

    ((Lines with links are stolen/paraphrased from 'Over The Hills and Far Away' by Nightwish, ones without are by me.))

    With that, she starts an intricate dance, the sea mist behind her shifting into an androgynous figure, playing a haunting melody on a flute, a moment after she does; apparently, the name Seasinger wasn't given to her without reason.

    "I met a huntress far from here; no port was she tied to.
    Half her name was Chyhrawynian*, the rest I never knew.
    They came for her one winter's night; to arrest her they were bound.
    They said that she had killed a man, her arrows had been found.

    They marched her to the station house, we waited for the dawn.
    And as they led her to the dock, we knew that she'd been wronged.
    "You stand accused of murder," she heard the bailiff say.
    She knew without an alibi, that night I'd mourn her freedom.

    Over the hills and far away, for ten long years she'd count the days.
    Over the mountains and the seas, a prisoner's life for her there'd be.
    She knew that it would cost her dear, but yet she dared not say.
    Where she had been that fateful night, a secret it must stay.

    She had to fight the tears of rage, her heart beat like a drum.
    For with me in a marriage bed, she spent her final night of freedom.
    Over the hills and far away, she swore that she'd return some day.
    Far from the mountains and the sea, back in my arms was where she'd be.
    Over the hills and far away.
    Over the hills and, over the hills, and over the hills and far away.

    Each day within her prison cell, she read the letters that I wrote; one day she'd know the taste of freedom.
    Over the hills and far away, I prayed she would return one day.
    She swore she would come back to me, as sure as the rivers reach the sea.
    Far from the mountains and the sea, back in my arms was where she'd be.

    I was her sister we had said, and so a letter they sent to me.
    Five years it was that she'd been gone; I hoped to hear she was set free.
    But as I read no words would form, I only cried, for that cell was where she died.
    And as the tears began to run, I cursed the law 'gainst what we'd done.

    Over the hills and far away, my prayers unmet will always stay.
    As sure as the rivers reach the sea, she never will come back to me.
    Far from the mountains and the sea, back in her arms I will not be...

    *Which, since this looks Welsh, but isn't, and thus shouldn't be pronounced as though it is, is pronounced 'Chigh-hruh-win-ee-an'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by One Eyed Doll, Envy
    She has no shadows, and she radiates beauty;
    An angel's sigh fills my ears up tenderly...
    I almost cry as she sings a melody -
    A perfect version of what I will never be!