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Thread: High School RPG: A Maid RPG Variant.

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    A bustle akin to an incoming train roars through the hall adjacent to the club. Suddenly, the door opens and Yuri Nakatomi, the club president, appears. She seems rather excited, her indigo hair quivering, her green eyes sparkling. She opens her handbag and takes a magazine, looks for an article and shows it to all in the room to see.

    "Isn't this awesome!? I've got proof real proof that there were real vampires responsible for the kidnappings in Kobe! See, that's my sister in the picture, she's in in the paranormal world so, I'm sure this was for real!"

    In truth, the picture is not only beset by dark shadows, but blurry as well. You can't even be certain there's a person in it. Puzzled, Yuri takes a second look at the photo.

    "What? I could've sworn it was clearer this morning.... that's odd." Her spirits flattened, she moves on to the tea Keita's prepared and helps herself, putting a generous amount of sugar in it. Now that she's had some tea, she fully acknowledges everyone else in the room.

    Approaching Knox, she leans towards her so she can make eye contact. "Oh, you must be new here, I'm Nakatomi Yuri, club president. Welcome to the Great Paranormal Activity Investigation Club!"
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