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    There was not even question about Tobio's actions. Showing the loyalty of a dog Tobio uncharacteristically glares at Mami, which is rather disturbing actually with the way his hair partially covers his hair as he says in a cold voice, "That was uncalled for ma'am."

    With that he skates out the door after Mei. Thankfully with her short stature she could not run very fast and as such Tobio just had to trail behind her and wait until she tired herself out. When she finally does she would hear the clacking of skates and Tobio rushes up to her and returning the favor she did for him last night engulfs her in a warm hug as he says, "Its okay Mei-chan. While they are our coworkers their opinions don't matter. What matters is what you think and fell,as well as the fact that your real friends won't judge you, like you didn't judge me. I'm sure Ren won't judge you either. So don't cry, it doesn't suit you." As he hugs her he gently rubs the top of her head, almost like a brother would.
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