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Thread: High School RPG: A Maid RPG Variant.

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    "Thank you Keita, she says graciously before sipping the tea, pausing upon hearing the incoming freight train and smiling. "My how fortuitous, here she comes now," she says before turning to face the door.

    "What? I could've sworn it was clearer this morning.... that's odd."
    "Our condolences Taichou. We would have loved to have encountered these beings. Perhaps thou could beseech thyne sibling, and see if she perchance provide thee with the original or a copy," she suggests gesturing for her to take a seat.

    "Oh how rude of me." she begins abashed before turning to Knox. "Pardon our rudeness; we are known as Kobayashi Amaya. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintances," he added courtly before turning to Yuri smiling. "Mrs. Knox desires to become one of our number." she comments with a smile.
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