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"Pleased to meet you," she greets, shifting gears. "I, ah, took an interest in joining this club. So it's pretty much what it says on the tin then, I'll take it?"
"You bet! If there's any trace of paranormal activity, we'll investigate it, if there's any witnesses, we'll interrogate them, if there's any aliens, vampires, demons, witches or what not, WE'LL FIND THEM!" By the point she was shouting she had her feet on a nearby chair and her index finger pointing at somewhere in the far distant horizon. "Now, just sit tight, we're just waiting for the rest of the club so we can get this meeting started.". Coming down from her buzz, she leans towards the club's table, crosses her legs and starts paging through the occult magazine she brought with herself.

She interrupts her reading for a moment to address Amaya in a lower voice: "Well done, Kobayashi-san! We don't want any recruits scared off before their first meeting, right?"