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With a small yawn, a voice coming from the open window in the club spoke "Morning, Taichou. Smacked into any more glass door again, Magpie-chan?"

Since his arrival at the school, Danny had taken the habit of sunning himself in the window. Today was no different, having arrived silently through the window. his crimson eyes were closed as he listened to the conversation.

"Hey, Silver" Since Yuri found the pronunciation of Danny's name frustrating 'kanasumizu?' she had taken to call him 'silver' for the color of his hair.

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" Well, Fresh meat, are you interested in joining?" said Daniel to the possible new member.

"By the way, the name's Daniel."
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"I'm hardly offended," Knox says in reassurance. "Is there anything I have to do to join? Some kind of ritual of inauguration?"

"Nope, you just attend the meetings and do your research, that's about it. Although there's a rule Silver-kun here should know... " Yuri rolls her magazine and baps Danny on the head with it. "No flirting with club members!"
There wasn't really a rule against flirting, but that was just the way Nakatomi-san was. She'd make up rules on a whim.