((If everyone could bold their character names at the top of their post, it would go a long way towards tracking who is who, haha. I'm so lost. I'll be using aisaku's title for Remi, since I thought it was cute.))

Remi Sugiura, star-crossed lover

"Relax, Keita. No one here is going to hurt you more than yourself." Remi's serene voice would enter the room from the doorway with a touch of sarcasm. She entered, giving everyone a smile as she did so. "Hope everyone is enjoying themselves. And Yuri-chan, of course there's a ritual that the new girl has to go through." She grinned, reaching into her school bag to pull out a deck of cards. "I'll divine your fortune, Knox-chan." Always overly familiar with others, especially girls, it was no surprise that she went straight to -chan with a girl that she had just met.

Taking a seat at the table, she showed everyone who cared to look the cards. "It's just a deck of regular playing cards, with the jokers removed. I've done this for a few of you before, of course." Remi's fortunes could be surprisingly accurate if she really wanted them to be, but... it was usually more amusing to just BS them. Shuffling the deck with her nimble fingers, she spread the entire deck out for Knox to draw from. "Pick five cards in any order you want and put them face up on the table."