Mei sniffed, gathering her wits and grateful for Tobio being there. Today had not been an easy day for anyone involved and she was rather near her emotional limit. Still, she supposed, that was no reason not to lose her cool-She was a member of Judgement, after all. Taking a moment to compose herself whilst hugging Tobio back, she straightened her posture and wiped away the tears from her eyes, trying her best to keep under control.

"Thanks, Tobio-kun...I...I really shouldn't have lost my cool like that. And thank you for not judging me...I mean, I'm probably silly; I'm probably just blowing this way out of proportion and-"

She yawned, suddenly realising she was tired as well as how late it was.

"It's late, isn't it...? We should probably be going home..."

A thought suddenly came to her, causing her to jerk herself wide awake. Her parents probably hadn't heard from Kouta-nii and were worried sick!

"Oh no! I...I have to tell mum and dad that Kouta-nii's okay! I'll...I'll see you tomorrow, okay, Tobio-kun?"

She then dashed off homewards as quickly as her little legs would allow, down the lit streets of Academy City.