Calliopes tongue looks adorable.

Shut up Calliope. Your born too cute to be hating yourself.


I had another epiphany about Troll relationships (Don't worry, its about Morials this time):

Did you know why eridian wen't on a killing spree? Because Feferi is the worst Morial EVER. She did the stupidest thing a calmer morial (as apposed to a berserker morial) can make. She broke up.

You could say Eridian was being too clingy but thats the point. A calmer must endure. This isn't a freaking Boyfriend. You in charge of holding a mad, angry person in line so he doesn't go ballistic and kill everybody. Your stuck for life until possibly the berserker can get another.

Feferis job was to be stuck with Eridian, no matter how repulsive he may be and ensure that he doesn't kill anybody. A morial isn't as much a friendship as much as a dangerous responsibility.

I know that as a fanfic its non-cannon, but I saw a great example of a Morial relationship. One troll needed to take care of a psychopath, and needed to endure lots of abuse and even needed to DRUG the berserker to ensure that she didn't kill anybody.

And why would anybody want that kind of risk in a relationship? Trolls can be best friends without needing a psychopath in the mix.

And why would the psychopath want this?

Which brings me to my next point: Why was Calliope saying she can't feel 3 other types of relationships? She likes having friends. Thats like Morials except without the dangerous parts. Unless she can't feel Best friendship?

And final thing. Pre Scratch alternia makes more sense if you think that Aranea was lying through her teeth. That Alternia 1 was just as bad as alternia 2.

There is pretty much confirmation that Scratch didn't genetically alter the trolls in any way.

But there are too many things that are genetically vile in their physiology for alternia1 to be any form of decent society, not even talking about Utopia.

Gamzee was drugged out and was not under the influence of anything (Fate does not count) when he revealed that his true colors are a mad enraged psycho.

Now which "Utopia" society has an entire blood caste born insane and violent with voodoo powers?

Which "Utopia" society has a relationship (As in these aren't just rare occurrences. This happens so much that people WANT this. This means that there are so many psychos that half the planet is psycho and the other is not) based around keeping their insane people in check?

Which "Utopia" society has relationships based around hate, and making sure that the people that hate each other don't kill each other?

If you think that Earth2 was just a slight change up of Earth1. Alternia2 could have been just a slight change up of Alternia1.

So the Alternia 1 Players just kinda sucked.