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    I guess I should stake out a claim here, even though I haven't done very much homebrew worth speaking of as yet.

    The Scrapper - Alternate Warrior / monster class, intended to eventually replace Racial Hit Dice as representing a "feral survivor" type with no formal training.

    The Exemplar - meant to be a Soulborn fix, but I got carried away with a custom weapon system and created something absurd. Between that and there already being a class by this name, I don't consider it "valid", but am including it for reference and to annoy myself into making a better version.

    Threefold Mask of the Chimera - a slightly more interesting take on an already perfectly good soulmeld.

    The Celebrant - a variant cleric class, less bookish and skillful than the Cloistered but almost as noncombatant, designed mostly for Diplomacy-focused clerics of deities devoted to peace, love, or just plain sex.

    Languages Expanded - little freebie abilities based on your choices of languages known.
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