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Thats my point:

Hes YOUR Crazy Genocidal fish now. You have to stand all the abuse and all the problems. You can't JUST break up. If your job is to monitor a nuclear reactor and then you get annoyed you don't leave it unsupervised yelling FREEDOM! And if it means sacrificing everything about your life to ensure that it doesn't go nuclear then thats tough ****.

I think Kanaya <> Equis worked out better because Equis isn't as voilent as a troll. Well yes to Violent but just not as "Kill others" type.

So yeah. Who wants Morials again?
But here's the thing - moiraillegiance goes both ways. Moirails (note the spelling, please) take care of EACH OTHER. It's not just one way. Eridan was a whiny jerk, and Feferi was a naive kid, but she tried to help Eridan and he didn't try to help her. Also worth noting is the relative prevalence of genocide complexes in Alternian society. Eridan's ideals wouldn't be that uncommon, and not very worthy of note. It would be more like having to look after a loud dog, who you were supposed to be playing with. It was just loud, all bark and no bite, until it unexpectedly killed you after you went to your friend's house.

Also... Kanaya<>Equius (note the spelling again, please)?? What? Where did Kanaya come from? Did you mean Feferi? Plus, Equius is already Nepeta's moirail.