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    Quote Originally Posted by mizzim View Post
    Karkat calmed Gamzee down - but in A6I1, Gamzee also helped calm Karkat down.
    I call that by blood powers. We all know that outside of that it doesn't make sense. And Karkat is just angry. Not Homicidal (He seems to be very queazy of death). He didn't reely need calming down (Outside of the usual).

    Again, Im once again questioning the effectiveness of a relationship based of preventing a crazy person from flying off the handle if the calmer just can quit if they get annoyed. The majority of crazy people will not act pleasant. Especially the ones that need Moirail the most. Berserkers need to protect thier partners. I don't think it stretches beyond that.

    I still think that my Nuclear reactor analogy stands here. Even if the nuclear reactor doesn't seem to be acting up-You don't leave it alone.

    But I should try not to think about it because everything about trolls breaks apart into little tiny pieces if you think about it.
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