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    I'd agree with mizzim's assessment, I think.

    I saw Equius and Nepeta's relationship being much more mutually beneficial and caring than Eridan and Feferi's. Equius was (perhaps over-)protective of Nepeta and she seemed (to me) to genuinely enjoy helping him with his feelings.
    Eridan didn't care so much about Feferi as he was obsessed with her and with romantic relationships (especially the one he had). And Feferi didn't enjoy what she had to do, it was a burden on her that lead to her wanting to have less responsibility for him. It may have been a mistake to try to break up with someone who obsessed with having relationships whose role in his life was keeping him from committing genocide, but it was an understandable decision (especially considering that his genocidal shtick was more empty boasting and faulty doomsday devices than actual violence - that may have just been that, at least for Eridan, the moirallegiance was working but it still brings up questions of how serious he was).
    It also seemed that while Equius would vent and then be noticeably calmer and safer for a while after talking with Nepeta, while Eridan was constantly angry and pushing genocide (IIRC). That may have been a difference between the two or symptoms of an unsuccessful moirallegiance.
    Moirails balance one another's personalities, it's not just keeping the more violent one in check (though that can be a large part of it).

    All the above is obviously as I understand or observe it.

    Edit: Also, Eridan's situation probably wasn't helped by the extinction of all but twelve trolls. The odds of having an ideal romantic partner among the other eleven for any quadrant is rather small (especially for someone as unpleasant and difficult as Eridan), and at least on Alternia he might have been somewhat more threatened by the idea of lots of trolls turning on him (which might have been an ideal situation complicated by Feferi interfering - presumably what normally happens is that the trolls too unstable to have a moirail self-destruct by pissing off too many members of an incredibly violent race for them to handle, or realise the threat and tone it down/find a way to vent it).
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