Tobio smiles fondly at Mei as she runs home. Satisfied that she is going to be okay he decides to go home as well. The evening sun starts setting as he skates home. As he does he ponders if he should use his training method to avoid sleep again. He decides against it seeing as he should get some actual sleep. He would just have to hope that the nightmare would not come.

So once he gets home he gets in as much practice as he can. Using pool as usual to test his power by freezing and thawing it, as well as using the flash bags that were given to him by Ryuu. Come to think of it he would have to thank her if he saw her again.

__________________________________________________ _____________

Crocell spent the entierty of his day at the arcade. He had to keep his skills sharp to remain the champ after all. Now if only he could beat that *ss who kept getting the high score on DDR. Should Jirou continue to challenge him he would rapidly find out that Crocell was one of the highest scorers on many of the games. Experience had to count for something after all.

When all was said and done Crocell finally headed home for some R&R...Man was detention going to suck tomorrow.

__________________________________________________ ______________

After hanging out with the Micro Sisters (who were happy to continue walking home with him), Katsu, Kin, and Krystal Ryuji considered this to be a good day. Not only did he get to hang out with 5 gorgeous girls, but he also made a friend (he thinks?) in Katsu. Though it wouldn't hurt if he slowed down a bit.

After bidding the group farewell he returned home to the shop. He let himself in seeing as his mother was still out on her date. He went to the fridge to find himself something to eat when he saw a note tapped onto it. Taking the note off to get a better look he reads, 'Going to be out late on my date sweetheart. I know you never hold it against me so I made you some sushi, fried rice, and tonkatsu. I know their your favorites so eat up! Love you!<3'

With a small laugh at his mother's enthusiasm he opens the fridge to reheat the dinner his mother left him. After dinner he laid down to sleep, unaware that his life was going to be a lot more interesting from now on.