Remi Sugiura, star-crossed lover

Taking the cards and laying them out on the table in front of her, Remi would look them over, silent for a moment. Finally she'd grin. "Well, if we were playing poker, you'd have two pair. Not bad for a starting hand."

Thinking for a moment, she'd continue, her voice a bit more serious. "This is a very balanced draw, which represents the steadiness of your future. You can look forward to things working out much as you expect them to over the next few days. However, the odd card out in your draw-" And she pushed forward the Seven of Hearts slightly, "Is a lucky seven, and not any seven, but that of the heart. The hearts represent empathy, human connection, and to be lucky in such a thing, well... perhaps you'll meet your one true love soon." She grinned. "Finally, we have what may be the unknown factor, something you might never see coming." And she closed her eyes, drawing the top card from the deck.

A Joker. Those who could sense magic would feel a slight tingle as she laid the card down on the table, face up, slightly beneath the others. Her eyes opened again. "Aah, how strange. I removed those from this deck. The Joker is the odd one out, the wild card, the thing that no one expects." Remi would peer at Knox for a moment, an amused half-smile on her lips. "It represents the most unexpected of events. If I were to guess, given that I'm reading this fortune for you in our clubroom, I would suspect that in the near future, you may have an encounter with the supernatural. If you aren't already." And she scooped the cards up, returning them to the deck just like that.

And she grinned. "But don't take it too seriously, Knox-chan. It's all just for fun. Even if some of it is true."