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Thread: High School RPG: A Maid RPG Variant.

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    Nakatomi Yuri, class president

    Quote Originally Posted by Assurau View Post
    "Bah! Taichou, you of all people should now that i don't flirt. Tease sure, but not flirt. If it sounded like that, then chalk it up to cultural differences."
    "That's your excuse for everything, Silver!" Yuri says in mock derision.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nyna View Post
    And Yuri-chan, of course there's a ritual that the new girl has to go through."[/color]
    Yuri shied away from tall girl and resumed her reading. No matter for how long had he known her, there was something about Sugiura's forward, a bit too honeyed demeanor that made her aware of her own shyness when it didn't concern the occult. Remi was the one who spoke up and went her own way so it really surprised Yuri that when she took a stand and ran for president of the occult club, her childhood friend joined right away. Still, she knew she was a valuable club member. She made it a lot easier to get into places they weren't supposed to be in. Which was kinda telling, even if Yuri didn't quite see it.
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