Yori smiles without humor at the girl sulking under her blankets.

"Oh, I don't know. I think you'll like this one."

He stretches, folding his hands behind his head and leaning back.

"A long time ago, in a place not actually too far from here, There lived a man and a woman who loved each other very much, and they had a young son, five years of age. They were very proud of their son, and were overjoyed when the City told them he had great promise, and might be a powerful ESPer one day. He attended the best schools the City had to offer, and was placed in a special advancement program."

Yori closed his eyes. He wasn't smiling anymore.

"The young boy was full of curiosity. His teachers and peers were amazed at how much he loved learning. Eventually, he developed his ESPer powers to the point where he was advanced to level three, and at only age seven! Everybody thought he was a smart boy, and his parents were very proud of him. But the City wanted him to be more. They started giving him more schoolwork, and special extra-curricular training. He stopped taking regular classes, and started getting lonely. He was tired every day, but he still loved learning new things and pushing himself. He was content. His parents, however, were worried. They hardly ever saw or heard from their son anymore; parents will worry as they do, and they were considering withdrawing him from the City's program and enrolling him in a regular school, where he could make friends again. The boy's curiosity eventually led to him to eavesdropping on instructors with his powers. And he overheard them saying they might pretend that he had had an accident, and that he had died, so that his parents could never see him again. Then they could keep him and train him however they wanted. The boy was shocked! He thought these people were his friends!"

Yori shifts in his seat, folding his arms over his chest.

"So, the brave little boy, determined to see his parents again, because he still loved them very much, decided to sneak out of his school and tell his parents what the men from the City were planning on doing. It would be a grand adventure. But something terrible was going to happen..."


Meanwhile, Moroe's relentless search turns up nothing. It is, to her great relief, the GOOD kind of nothing-somebody had spent a considerable amount of time erasing Yori from every database, every file, every network and archive. And they had done SUCH a good job, that it was undeniably clear that there had been information there, once.

Their was a definite pattern emerging from her research. It paints the outline-for all of the things she wished her search would turn up had been erased, leaving a shadow akin to a chalk outline-of a man who had NOT worked for the city for a long time; a man who DIDN'T specialize in genetics, and a man who was currently working NOWHERE NEAR District 19.

Whoever had covered tracks fro Yori had done, unfortunately, TOO good of a job. It was like somebody had erased their tracks in the snow by shoveling all of the snow around the footprints away.