In happier times, Moroe might have smirked. Apparently this man had good reason for lacking faith in those around him. Wasting no time, she opened a new (and hidden) application on her computer. A mosaic of camera views filled the screen, showing viewpoints from all across Academy City. With a few well chosen commands, Moroe sent most of her drones towards District 19, on a search for the home base of her enemy. Though she didn't know exactly what to look for, she had a few ideas. For one, this particular district had become rather run down, so (if the cutting edge equipment which those soldiers had been using was any indication) her targets were likely to outclass it in terms of funding. For another, their boss didn't seem like the type to cheerfully ferry his men everywhere with his ability. The rank and file grunts probably relied on some suitably camouflaged transportation, along with an accessible garage or two. And then there was the big one: Genetics research. Now there was a discipline that left some fingerprints: Expensive labs, specialised tools, sterile environments; The list went on.

With all these clues, Moroe felt very confident that she'd be able to find her targets sooner or later. Now, actually defeating them? That was a different matter entirely.