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    Your telling me the same thing over and over (Moirials are an equal relationship) yet I keep bringing this point up:

    How effective is a relationship thats supposed stop Trolls crazy people from going berserk if one can just quit if they get annoyed by them.

    Crazy homicidal nasty people tend to be- you know: Crazy and nasty. How can you expect them to NOT be crazy and nasty. Thats the point! If they are not crazy and nasty then they don't need to be watched over!

    Thats why I find it makes 0 sense for this to be an relationship where they can EXPECT to be equals.

    It does not make sense on lots of levels.

    That is unless moirails are just about getting a friend. Haha no.

    But 3/4ths of all troll relationships make very little sense anyway.


    Even MORE Haha No.
    From Hussie himself:
    The purpose is to pacify a partner who is dangerous. It's not all about being platonic soul bros forever.
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