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    Tobio had gotten out of bed early that day. It was 5:00 am when he woke up screaming and sweating profusely from his nightmare. He pants as he wipes his hair from stickily clinging to the front of his face. Not able to go back to sleep he gets up and commences with a shower and breakfast. After he does he decides to get a move on as he leaves his house after restocking his backpack on icecream sandwiches.

    He gets to school early as well and when he sees the students parting from a certain spot he deciedes to check it out. When he does so his eyes widen in disbelief. Just how was Shougo here when he saw him just yesterday on the brink of death? He skates up to then as him as he says in a concerned voice, "Shougo-san? What are you doing here? I just saw you yesterday at the hospital and you were so badly injured they weren't sure if you would wake up again."

    __________________________________________________ _____________

    Crocell wakes up rather normally as he had not trauma to deal with. So he performed his morning rituals, got himself some breakfast, and went off to enjoy another day at Azabu Academy. Hopefully today would be a little more interesting since it was his patrol day.

    __________________________________________________ ______________

    Ryuji's morning is remarkable similar to Crocell's. Morning rituals followed by breakfast. After he finishes washing off his plate he wraps his mother in a warm hug before placing a kiss on her cheek. He then heads out the door with his violin case this time. He decides to take the long route to school in order to enjoy the beauty of Academy City.
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