Shougo looked up at Tobio, his mind racing to remember who this familiar, blue-haired person was. Then it clicked-He was that nice boy who helped him with his phone. Of course, he...he didn't remember...why he was.......he was...The pain and disorientation came back, and Shougo grabbed the side of his head to steady himself. It wasn't quite so bad as last time, but....

""Good morning, Ishida-san. I was at the hospital yesterday...? Well...That would make sense. I thought I was dead, but I woke up today, perfectly fine."

He shifted in his seat and absentmindedly pulled out his cellphone-An old, battered piece of Nokia-branded plastic. Something to do with this? Maybe Tobio would know. Shougo hesitated for a second, then remembered that Tobio ...Well, he remembered that they would be friends. There would be time to repay his debt. The words died in his mouth, however-After all, how would he even begin to phrase the question? He did not know where to begin. But he did remember what he asked about Tobio helping him with his studies.

Shougo bit his lip for several tense moments before spitting it out.

"Ishida-san, I have missed nearly a week of school. If you would help me catch up...I would be in your debt."

Tobio might have stared for a little bit at Shougos' neck scar-It strongly resembled a large, hand-shaped burn. It had also subtly changed Shougos' voice, producing a distinct flanging effect every time he spoke. Still, Shougo was still fully capable of speaking...Although he looked uncomfortable at the attention, producing a long red scarf from his bag and wrapping it around his neck to hide it.