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    Tobio nods his head while keeping his mouth shut about Shougo's scar. Some people just have things that they don't want to talk about sometimes. Considering he just got out the hospital now would not be a good time to press Shougo.

    "Sure thing Shougo-san. I'm not the valedictorian or anything but I'm pretty adept at the school subjects. You can count on me. Oh have you told Ishimaru-sempai that your out of the hospital? I would imagine that she was worried about you. Last time you were injured and out of her sight she seemed to be pretty worried. Also, do you have a headache Shougo-san? You shouldn't push yourself."

    He pauses for a minute before he decides to continue onward hoping that he wouldn't offend. "Also... your a little behind Shougo-san, but you've only been out of school one day. It was why I was so surprised to see your here. I actually saw you just two days ago. You were only gone yesterday.
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