Tobio scrunches his brow in confusion as he says, "Ishimaru Moroe? Don't you remember? She was really worried about you last time you left the hospital without her knowing. YOu said that you were indebted to her over some matter. You even promised to take down Astraphobia over the fact that he was incessantly bothering her."

Tobio didn't really see how Shougo could have forgotten Ishimaru Moroe. The last time Tobio saw him he spoke about her in an almost reverent tone of voice. Then againmaybe he was imagining things. "Well if you want I can um... re-introduce you to her if she comes to school today. She's been absent a lot lately. Oh yeah, I was wondering would you mind teaching me Nimori ryu jutsu? T-That is i-if you don't mind! I just thought that it could be a good way for us to hang out. And it repays your debt to me in the process."