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    So I'm attempting to register on and I want a name that references homestuck. I'm using the first name of the OC my friend made for me, Cirrus, and something to go with it like a chumhandle.

    Any suggestions/IDE's?
    Quote Originally Posted by Scowling Dragon View Post
    I still think that my Nuclear reactor analogy stands here. Even if the nuclear reactor doesn't seem to be acting up-You don't leave it alone.

    But I should try not to think about it because everything about trolls breaks apart into little tiny pieces if you think about it.
    I think the former is objectively wrong because like all relationships, troll and human alike, it has to be mutually beneficial. It's two reactors keeping each other from melting down. The fact that someone can break off means that it simply didn't work, exactly like any other relationship. To say that's a flaw is like saying that reality is flawed because unwanted outcomes can happen. Hell, the fact that the nuclear reactor problem exists is a flaw. But it comes down to the simple fact that not all problems can be fixed all the time.

    The latter only happens because no matter what you are a human with incomplete information. You cannot reach any conclusion but, "It works for them *shrug*"

    @^: Not to be rude but that's a rather annoying endeavor. It's a draining excercise to no end on a atm narratively irrelevant detail. It works fine enough within the story to presenta conflict.
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