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    She stared at him with horrified, widening eyes as he spoke. No words could convey how that made her feel, how that made her think. It was just a terrible story, about an even worse man. A story that destroyed all conceptions she had before of Academy City, all that she thought about the world. It was a terrible thing for him to do, and an even worse thing to bear.

    "What's your point?" she said, her voice blunt and far too world weary for a small child.


    He walked into the apartment slowly, his suit jacket thrown casually over his shoulder, his clothing wrecked. He carried a bag with him, and his usually dead eyes flickered with some sort of emotion as he stared blankly at nothing, and yet absorbed everything.

    Shiki was gone, yes. But not lost. She could be found, and they could bring her back. It would be hard, but it would be worth it. She hadn't lied, and she hadn't been cruel. She was not the Original, so he didn't have to listen to her, yes.

    But he wanted to anyways.

    She was not Master, so he didn't even consider her words.

    But he wanted to anyways.

    His eyes flickered over to a nearby drawer, hesitating momentarily. Would her gun be in there? Would he be able to take his Master's lone weapon, and leave without her noticing, or caring? Or would he fail, just like he had failed her already? He was useless, inept, and utterly incompetent.

    And yet he was the only one who could possibly save Shiki.
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