It took Moroe a while to reply. She'd never been good at consoling people, even at the best of times, and these most certainly were not the best of times. Her eyes followed one of the tears on its journey to the ground, with a kind of fascinated wonder. It felt as if she was witnessing some sort of milestone; A huge, though painful, step on the road to true humanity. In the end, Moroe didn't even try to project a comforting aura, instead opting for cold honesty. If Hajime was going to get through this, he needed to know the facts.

"Maybe. She might already be dead. Even if she isn't, the people who took her are probably planning to finish her off when she's no longer useful...

...but I don't plan on letting them get that far. Until I know for a fact that that girl is dead, I'm going to do everything in my power to find and rescue her. I've got drones out searching for the location of that dimensional manipulator's base; And once they find it, I...No, we, are going to go there. How does that sound?