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    Default [4e FR] The Five of the Realm - IC

    Map of the land:

    It has been 70 years since the goddess, Mystra, was slain and her grip on magic was let go, releasing the chaos that is magic onto the world and the planes. Since then, the material plane has been tossed into chaos and the world has become an apocalyptic forest-land, full of changed plants and arcane infused animals. The kingdoms that once were are all gone now, and their people have scattered. Within this turmoil, 5 Ancient Dragons took it upon themselves to create order in this time of chaos. You see, now that magic was released, it changed this, but also infused other things with even more power. Being creatures that are based in magic, the Dragons expected to be stripped of much of their strength. However, the magic had the opposite effect that the dragons thought it would, and they actually got more powerful and more infused with arcane power. Even all the younger dragons and some Dragonborn were strengthened by this. And people flocked to the protection of the dragons, each to his own dragon he agreed with.
    The Five

    First, there was a great gold dragon, named Vala, who was the most powerful of all those that came into their power. He was a giant, even compared to the other dragons, and you just felt the power coming from him. He was a good dragon, however he was not very sympathetic to his subjects, not out of any malice, but just because being so powerful for so long it was hard for him to think on his peopleís level. He didnít pay attention to their feelings any more than you would an antís feelings

    Then there was a Red that came down from the mountains, named Infernus. Now, he attracted all the evil that was left in the world, and he created his kingdom on the backs of slaves. He and Vala had some history as well and they have had, in the past, might and terrible fights, but never could he best Vala. So when he found out Vala had power he didnít, he rushed to catch up with the Gold. He now searches for a way to take over all of the land, but as of yet has not found one.

    A Silver named Metherna also came to make herself a home for others in which to prosper. Now she was the most ďhumanĒ of all the dragons and genuinely cared about her subjects and wanted to protect them from not only the chaos that was in the worlds, but also the evils that have come down from other places. She is good in all senses of the word, and is known to spend much time in her human form, interacting with her subjects, taking trips into the towns around the Castle, making sure everyone is doing ok.

    Thorn came out of her great forest home when it tried to eat her. Basically when the magic that was blasted from Mystra came down into the Material plane, it made nature go haywire. So all the plants and animals seemed to take on their own sense of what they wanted, and seemed to have a consciousness. Thorn knew it was time to leave when the great tree she lived in started closing in around her and tried to kill her. She clawed her way out, and started her own kingdom as well. She too is what you might call an evil dragon, but not outwardly evil, like Infernus. Her evil is more subtle, but do not underestimate her, it is there, and she would not hesitate to eat someone who was annoying her.

    Tortia, the last female of the 5, and the smallest of the dragons(which isnít saying she is small, she is still an Ancient Dragon) is a Copper. She is neither good nor evil, but opportunistic. She plays both sides and, believe it or not, is the reason why Thorn and Infernus havenít joined together to try and take on Metherna and Vala, and she knows it. Tortia likes to exploit where she can and LOVES treasure, gold, anything of value really. Her city of Calimport hasnít really changed since the plague, it is still a den of thieves and thievesí guilds. She is sly, seductive, and very complicated to deal with. She also likes to stay in human form many times as well, and meddle in otherís business.

    Times are very chaotic for the lands, and it seems new magic is popping up every day. There are also new magic users, good and evil, starting to find their powers again and starting to get more powerful. Some of them threaten certain kingdoms, some of them threaten order in general, and some of them are here to help society stay intact. No one can know what the future will bring, and if these magical effects are here to stay, or if they will someone be fixed one day. All you know, is that this is the land you live in now, and it is time to survive and pray to the gods that you can keep the magics contained.
    OOC Thread

    Your Beginning

    You find yourself walking in to the fantastic port city of Waterdeep. It has changed since the Scarring, since Metherna has taken over. At one point, before, while it wasn't what you would call "run down" it definitely wasn't as grand as it is now. Metherna has turned it into a grand city with nice, new shiny buildings and a booming economy, despite these hard times. Metherna has used her power and wealth to bring prosperity to her kingdom, and it shows. You all wander to the castle, clutching a letter, summoning you before the Queen. While you are not forced to come, obviously, it still isn't wise to deny a Dragon. So here you find yourself. You arrive to the castle, show them you invite, and the guards show you to the front door. There you meet a servant, Arnold, and he shows you to a waiting chamber. You are not sure what is going to happen yet, and then others start occupying the same chamber. At last there are 5 of you sitting in the same room, eye each other with confusion and wonder, questioning what is going on here......
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